Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1893, February 17 - Horse partially escapes from car and rides over the couplings,  CPR., Carleton Place.

Ottawa Citizen 18 February 1893

A Good one From Carleton Place.

On the arrival of the Brockville mixed train at the Junction last Friday eveneng, great was the surprise expressed by the train hands. and others to observe a horse riding crosswise on the drawbars between a freight car and a baggage coach. The animal was balanced apparently with head and forelegs on one side and hind legs on the other, and must have been carried for some distance in that position. Appliances were obtained, the animal was raised up while the cars were uncoupled, and the brute was lowered to the ground, and to all appearances he suffered no hurt from his adventure. How the horse got into the strange predicament is almost miraculous. The small door of the car through which he must have slid hind feet first, was only 18 inches wide by 24 inches high, and yet he did it. How his legs were not broken is a mystery. The halter shank was still fast inside the car and although long enough to allow the equine to perform this strange feat, doubtless prevented him from plunging forward to destruction. The animal was full 15 hands high and would weigh about 1,300 pounds. Carleton Place Herald.

Ottawa Citizen 2 July 1938

Mysterious feat was performed by horse.
Of all the strange stunts we ever heard of a horse performing, this one, told of in a despatch from Carleton Place back in the winter of 1893, surely takes the cake.
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