Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1935, July 3 - Crossing collision, Russell road, NYC., one injured.

Ottawa Citizen 3 July, 1935

Ramsayville man badly hurt when train hits truck.
Vehicle completely demolished as Lynden Campbell carried 300 feet along track.

Lynden Campbell, 35-year-old resident of Ramsayville, was seriously injured at 8.30 this morning and the truck in which he was proceeding to Ottawa was almost completely demolished when the vehicle was struck by the New York Central Railway's gas-electric  train at a crossing on the Russell road approximately one and a quarter miles from the city.  The truck, with Campbell still wedged in the cab, was carried 310 feet along the right of way.
Rushed to the Civic Hospital in the ambulance of George H. Rogers, Limited, Campbell was found to have received severe injuries to his right hip and other parts of the lower body and is sufering intensely from shock.  At noon he was stated to be in a dazed condition and hospital officials said that the full extent of his hurts had not as yet been determined.

Reconstructing the crash from the skid marks n the highway, Campbell, who was alone at the time, apparently failed to either see or hear the train until he was almost on the crossing.  He swung the truck to the left towards the ditch but was unable to avoid being struck.  After being carried along the track, the heavy machine, laden with empty oil drums, toppled into a deep ditch to the left and Campbell was thrown out to the right,
People residing nearby rushed to the scene to render first aid to the injured man and in addition he was attended by a doctor, one of the passengers on the train.

Dangerous crossing.

The crossing at which the crash occurred is a particularly dangerous one due to heavy bushes growing along the north side of the Russell road which obstruct the view of people driving west.  Adding to the hazard the railway tracks take a sharp curve some 200 feet from the crossing and it is virtually impossible to see a train until the crossing is reached.

Speaking to The Citizen this morning persons residing in the vicinity stated that near-accidents are numerous there and that only yesterday morning a similar mishap was averted by a slim margin.  It was pointed out that the gas-electric train operates so silently very little warning is given of its approach.
The train, which left Union station at 8.25 a.m. was operated by Engineer E.J. Leboeuf, 88 Osgoode street, and was in charge of Conductor George H. Broker.  It was bound for Moira, N.Y.  The accident was reported to the county police and was investigated by Sergeant Borden Conley.
Henry C. Smith of Ramsayville, owner of the truck, stated that Campbell had been in his employ for more than a year and that he was a particularly careful driver.

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