Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1931, December 7 - Crossing collision, Hinchey avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub., minor injury

Ottawa Citizen 7 December 1931

Ottawa Man Has Narrow Escape as Train Hits Truck
Frank E. Bunnell, Aged 63, Cut bv Glass from Windshield.
Frank E. Bunnell, 65 years of age, residing at 294 Lisgar street, is in the Civic Hospital suffering from injuries received when the motor truck he was driving was struck by the incoming Brockville C.P. Rly. train due here at 10.35 this morning. Mr. Bunnell wa cut by glass from the broken windshield but the wonder was that he was not killed. A fraction of a second saved him from serious injury, if not death, as the engine struck the rear part of the truck just as it was almost clear of the tracks.
Mr. Bunnell was driving a truck belonging to Bunnell Bros, and was proceeding south on Hinchey avenue. Witnesses of the accident say that the engineer on the incoming train whistled for the crossing but possibly owing to the wind and snow, Mr. Bunnell did not see or hear the train in time. The truck was struck on the right rear and was thrown against the post with the sign, railway crossing, snapping off this pole and also breaking the fence. Mr. Bunnell was not thrown out but as he was suffering from cuts he was taken to the hospital by a motorist.
The train in charge of H. Dunham, conductor, and E. Huard, engineer, was stopped immediately, but proceeded on its way after the crew saw that the injured man was cared for.

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