Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1927, 16 July - CNR passenger train derails one tender truck at Fallowfield, Smiths Falls sub. No injuries

Ottawa Journal Monday 18 July 1927

Passengers on C.N.R. Train Have Long Wait Near Fallowfield Station.
A derailed truck of the engine tender on the Canadian National passenger train, due in Ottawa from Toronto at 9.40 o'clock Saturday night, caused a tie up of nearly six housr near Fallowlleld a short distance southwest of Ottawa.. The derailment itself was a matter of minor Importance, but when the trucks. jammed between the ralls it was found impossible to get them back to the track without assitance of a repair crew from Ottawa. Many passengers for Ottawa were greatly delayed in reaching their destination.
The train was travelling at moderate speed when one ot the heavy steel trucks of the tender jumped the track. The train was brought to a stop, and no further trucks left the track. Little damage was done to the roadbed.
Truck Binds to Rails.
Ordinarily a matter ot a few minutes, the work of replacing the truck on the track assumed larger proportions wben it was found that the heavy equipment had binded on the rails, and could not be budged.  All efforts to replace the trucks with the equipment carried with the train for such an emergency were futile, and finally word was sent to Ottawa and a heavy steam crane was rushed to the scene.
In City Around Three.
It was a matter of a few minutes only to replace the truck with it. However, many hours had been lost in the meantime, and the train did not reach the city,untill nearly three o'clock in the morning.

Ottawa Citizen 18 July 1927

The tender of the engine hauling No. 6, C.N.R. passenger train from Toronto to Ottawa Saturday evening, became derailed between Fallowfield and Merivale, when one set of trucks left the track about 10 miles from Ottawa. Passengers were transferred from No. 6 to No. 7, which was pressed into service before its regular run from here to Toronto, and which returned from the scene of the derailment around 2 o'clock Sunday morning. It immediately after started bark for Toronto, rerouted over the C.P.R.. via Smiths Falls. The train that figured in the derailment, did not arrive here until 7 o'clock yesterday morning. No one was hurt In the accident.

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