Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1936, August 9 - Crossing collision Brockville, CNR., Kingston sub., one injured.

Ottawa Journal  10 August 1936

Train and Car Crash Woman Seriously Hurt
BROCKVILLE, Aug. 10 - Mrs. Cardwell Ferguson, Jellyby, is a patient in the general hospital here suffering from a fractured collar-bone, injuries to the back and lacerations of the legs, as the result of the automobile in wnich she was a passenger being struck by Canadian National Railway passenger train No. 19, early Sunday morning. The car was driven by her son, John Ferguson, and was struck by the locomotive at the rear left hand corner at a level crossing on the North Augusta road. The car rolled over against a fence and landed right side up against a telegraph pole some distance away. Her son, the driver of the car. suffered only slight bruises. Her condition is reported somewhat improved.

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