Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1865 January 26 - Grand Trunk mixed train derails near Lansdowne, one injury.

Kingston Daily News 31 January 1865

On Thursday morning last, as Judge Malloch was returning to Brockville on the mixed train, due there at half-past ten, he met with a severe accident. From the spreading of the rail, as is supposed, the hindmost platform car, with the baggage and passenger cars, ran off the track about four miles above Lansdowne, and tumbled over in the snow. The Judge, then sitting in the passenger car, was projected head foremost through one of the windows ; and was so caught by the body and neck as to be released from his dangerous position with the greatest difficulty; and not until the side of the car had to be hewn from around him. He has a bad cut on his face, and is otherwise hurt, but not so as to prove of serious injury to him

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