Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1930, September 25 - Crossing collision CNR., Renfrew sub., one fatality

Carp Review 2 October 1930

Huntley Man Killed on Railway Crossing
Mr. John James Wilson Meets with a Horrible Death.
This community has been the scene of another shocking accident, when on Thursday morning last (25 September) one of our most prominent citizens, Mr. John James Wilson was killed instantly by a train. He was on his way from his home on the sixth line of Huntley to his stock farm on the third line and was caught on the railway crossing near the cheese factory on the town line between Huntley and Fitzroy. He was in a closed car at the time and evidently did not hear or see the west bound morning passenger train coming as they met at the crossing at the same time. He could not have been thinking at the time as the crossing is not considered a dangerous one, and a good view can be had for quite a distance either way. Mr. Wilson received terrible injuries about the head which caused instant death and the car was badly smashed. One of Mr. Wilson's sons was driving along the road in a buggy and saw the accident as did also a couple of men working in a nearby field, but they were too far away to attract Mr. Wilson's attention to his approaching danger.

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