Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1928, January 18 - Man killed when jumping from train, Meath, CPR., Chalk River sub.

Ottawa Journal 19 January 1928

Jumps from train instantly killed
Farmer of village of Westmeath mishap victim.
Pembroke. Jan. 18. - David McMullen, aged 52, farmer of the village of Westmeath, was instantly killed when he jumped from the platform of a passenger car on the evening local on the C.P.R. as it neared Meath station this evening. The train was moving at the time and was about one-half mile from the station. It is supposed that McMullen must have believed they were almost at the station and in his hurry to alight jumped as soon as the train slackened speed. He had been in company with his brother James and his cousin, W. J. Shields, attending a funeral at Haley's station, having driven from Westmeath to Meath  to take the train to that point. It was on the return journey that the fatality happened and Mr. Shields, who was standing on the platform with the victim, had no intimation that he was about to alight.
After the train arrived at Meath, a party hastily raced up the track to find that McMullen had been so seriously injured by the moving train that death was instantaneous.
An inquest will be conducted by Coroner G. E. Joseph, of Pembroke. Mr. McMullen is survived by his wife and one son, about 20 years of age.

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