Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1865, August 24 - Crossing collision, Jelly, Brockville and Ottawa Railway, one fatality.

The Union, Ottawa 28 August 1865

On Thursday afternoon as the afternoon train from Arnprior was running south to Brockville, a serious accident occurred at Jelly's crossing. Distant some sixteen miles from town.  William Lamb was driving over the crossing in a buggy, and his horse hearing the engine approach became restive, and refused to proceed.  Lamb whipped his horse in order to compel him to leave the way, so that he might not be killed, instead of jumping out and looking after his own safety.  Presently he did jump out, we understand, but too late ; and had one leg cut off at the thigh, and another above the ankle.  The engine driver, James Fitton, a most respectable and careful man, slowed the train as well as he could and rung the bell; but was still enabled [sic] to prevent the accident.  No blame, we learn, can be attached to him in any shape; and the mishap is regarded as purely accidental.  Strange to say the horse escaped almost uninjured, although the buggy was smashed to pieces.  On the arrival of the train in Brockville, Drs. Edmondson and Gordon were promptly forwarded by rail to assist the injured man.  Accidents on the Brockville and Ottawa line are exceedingly rare, the road being managed with the utmost carefulness and method.  Since the above was written we learn that Lamb died about two hours after he sustained his injuries. - Brockville Monitor.

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