Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1893, February 11 - The passenger train from Aylmer collided with a light engine on the wye on the approach to Broad Street station, Ottawa, CPR.  1 injury.

Ottawa Journal 11 February 1893

Crashed on the "Y"
A serious collision occurred in the C.P.R. yard this morning.
Two engines were badly smashed, one baggage car wrecked, and eight freight cars more or less badly broken up.
The morning train from Aylmer and a pilot engine taking a train of freights from the yard collided on the "Y".  The two engines crashed into each other with terrific force.  The Aylmer train was going at the rate of about 15 miles per hour.
Both the engineers and firemen had to jump for their lives.  Fortunately none of them were injured, but it is stated that Mr. Alfred Legge, a civil engineer, who was on the Aylmer train had his shoulder dislocated.
When the trains collided the baggage car was hurled into the engine and the whole end stove in, and raised off the track.  The Aylmer engine was coming down backwards, that is tender first.  The pilot engine smashed into it and completely destroyed the tender.  The pilot engine suffered very severely too.  The smoke stack was hurled off the engine generally wrecked.
Of the freight cars eight suffered considerably.  The couplings were all forced off and the cars forced together so tightly so as to have been almost one car.  Some of them had their end timbers and walls badly broken up.
The people on the train were badly shaken up, but with the exception of the one mentioned above, none were seriously injured.
Also reported in the Ottawa Free Press same date. The engine of the Aylmer train was running backwards and the tender was thrown upon the cowcatcher of the shunting engine.

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