Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1914, May 14 - Derailment of a Grand Trunk train near Golden Lake, Pembroke line, no injuries.

Ottawa Journal 15 May 1914

After leaving Pembroke late, the 12.50 Grand Trunk train was derailed a few miles outside Golden Lake depot Thursday afternoon.  The tender of the engine was the first to leave the track and the balance of the train followed.  All cars, however, remained upright and except for a severe shaking the many passengers were none the worst for the mishap.  Passengers booked through to Ottawa did not reach here until after 10 o'clock Thursday evening.  A party of Grand Trunk officials were in the last coach and when questioned upon their arrival in Ottawa as to the cause of the accident were at a loss to find an explanation, as an inspection of the track revealed everything in perfect order.  It was learned this morning, however, that a sunken track was, in all probability, the cause of the delay, although there is no official confirmation of the supposition.

The train was late in leaving Pembroke and in making up time and running at a high rate of speed the slightest undulation in the tracks would have put it out of course.

Eganville Leader 22 May 1914

Sunken Track Caused Derailing of Pembroke Train

Used the wording  from the Ottawa Journal above

Renfrew Mercury 22 May 1914

The G.T.R. passenger train between Pembroke and Golden Lake was derailed last week.  The cars remained right side up and no one was injured.

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