Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1939, December 20 - Ice-bound workers flag down a train at Deschenes.

Ottawa Citizen  20 December 1939

Icebound Workers Flag C.P.R. Train
When a street car is icebound flag a train
Henceforth this may be the motto oi a number oi Aylmer residents who were stvmied in a street car by the storm this morning. Waiting patiently for the car to get under way so they could reach their offices In Ottawa, a number of the passenegers suddenly remembered that the C.P.R. train from Waltham passed through Deschenes at 9.30 o'clock. About a dozen got off the street car and rushed to the Deschenes crossing. Arms and umbrellas were waved frantically as the train approached, and the engineer realizing the predicament of the Ottawa-bound workers, pulled his train to a stop.
The party got aboard and as the train was leaving, waved farewell to the remaining stranded men and women.

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