Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1893, July 29 - PPJ light engine derails when running into a herd of cows and horses near Parker.  11 horses and 1 cow killed.

Ottawa Citizen 1 August 1893

Eleven horses and a cow were run over and killed on Saturday night by a locomotive on the Pontiac & Pacific Junction Railway.  The engine was being run down to Aylmer between ten and eleven o'clock and on turning a curve with shade trees on either side near Parker's station, about twelve miles above Aylmer, plunged into the herd of cattle that had strayed on to the track.  There were some fifteen horses and a few cows altogether so only a few of them escaped.  The engineer and driver had a very narrow escape from being killed or seriously injured.  Upon seeing the animals they applied the brakes and reversed the engine as soon as possible, but it was too late.  Several of the horses had barely time to move before they were run into, but a few ran along the track a short distance before they were over taken.  When the men saw there was a possibility of the engine being derailed they jumped, and it so happened that they had done so just in time to save themselves.  The engine was thrown from the rails and landed on its side in a ditch a few feet deep.  It is understood that it was damaged to a considerable extent.  After the accident both engine and track for quite a distance presented a ghastly sight.  The animals were so badly smashed that flesh and bones were strewn around in every direction and the track was fairly soaked with blood.  
The animals had been pasturing on Mr. Archie McLean's farm, and it is supposed got out on the track through a gate that had been thoughtlessly left open.  Mr. J.B. Abbot of this city had a couple of valuable horses pasturing on the farm and it is thought that one of them, Alonzo B, which Mr. Abbott valued at $1,000, was among the killed.
A large staff of men were engaged yesterday lifting the engine.  The accident prevented the running of the regular train from Coulonge yesterday morning.  The upward train left the city last evening and got past the scene of the accident all right.

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