Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1928, August 30 - Crossing collision at Heron Road, CPR.

Ottawa Citizen 30 August 1928

Narrow Escape As Train Hits Grader
H. E Turnbull, Working on Heron Road, Jumps from Machine as Engine Smashes It.
H. E. Turnbun, working on road grading on the Heron road, had a miraculous, escape from death when the road grader on which he was working was struck by the C.P.R. Montreal express as it loomed around a curve a short, distance from the crossing on which the grader was standing.
The work was being done by Mr. Turnbull and E. M. Soper working for the Adams Company for the township of Gloucester. Grading had been carried out during the day and the machine had been disconnected from the caterpillar tractor which had been drawing it.
At the time the accident occurred the grader was standing on the crossing when the train appeared around the curve without warning. Mr. Turnbull had barely time to jump to safety before the pilot of the engine hurled the machine to one side, breaking several of the parts but not completely smashing it

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