Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

November 13 - Crossing accident  Kenyon Township, Alexandria subdivision, one fatality

From the Ottawa Citizen November 14, 1966

Car-train crash kills councillor ALEXANDRIA.(Special)
Dan Gill, 58, Kenyon township councillor and a retired farmer, was killed in a car-train crash four and a half miles northwest of here at 1.42 p.m. Sunday.
His car was dragged 110 feet west from the railway crossing on the fourth line road, Kenyon township. His body was found seven feet west of the demolished car.
Mr. Gill had left his farm home, alone in the car, just minutes before the accident.
He had just pulled out of his laneway onto the main road when the CNR passenger train struck his car in the rear.
The train, westbound from Montreal to Ottawa, had a dint in the front of the engine and a couple of snapped hose fittings. It was going about 30 miles an hour when it struck the car.
Mr. Gill came to the Alexandria area from Newmarket about 10 years ago and had farmed until recently.
He is survived by his wife, Chris; a son Graham; a daughter Janet, of Hawkesbury; three sisters and two brothers.
The body was taken to Cornwall General Hospital.
Dr. A. B. Peachy is the coroner and Constable Maurice Villeneuve of the Lancaster Ontario Provincial Police detachment investigated.

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