Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1950, December 31 - Canadian National Train No. 1, halted near Hurdman with a broken wheel tire

From the Ottawa Citizen  1 January 1951

Derailment Averted
What might have resulted in aserious holiday accident was averted Saturday night when a crowded Canadian National Railways train, Vancouver-bound from Montreal, had to be halted two miles east of Hurdmans Bridge with a broken wheel "tire" on one of the rear coaches.
The train, No. 1 due in Ottawa at 10.20 p.m., was delayed more than four hours as a result of the mishap.
None of the passengers suffered anything more than inconvenience, and those coming to Ottawa were taken on to Union Station aboard the front section of the train.
The remainder of the passengers remained aboard their coaches until a work crew from here completed repairs to the damaged coach.
CNR Divisional Superintendent Gordon T. Dunn told The Citizen on Sunday that there was no derailment, and that the engine crew was able to halt the speeding train without difficulty when the trouble developed

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