Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1937, July 5 - Crossing collision, Almonte, CPR., Chalk River sub., no injuries.

Ottawa Citizen 6 July 1937

Train Strikes Auto At Almonte Crossing

PERTH, Ont July 5. C.P.R. passenger train No. 36. due here at 4.10, struck and demolished the automobile of R.A. Jamieson of Almonte at the Drummond street crossing this afternoon.
Mr. Jamieson was driving west on Drummond street, and when approaching the track the warning bell commenced to ring. When he reached the double tracking his car stalled. He jumped out and made an effort to push the car clear of the rails but was unsuccessful and the heavy passenger train plowed into the vehicle and carried it 300 yards down the track before coming to a stop. The car was a complete wreck

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Updated 14 May 2021