Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1967, May 21 - Crossing collision, Montclair Blvd., CPR., Lachute sub., one fatality

Ottawa Citizen 23 May 1967

Man killed by train
A 42-year-old father of three was killed instantly Sunday, when the car he was driving slammed into a Montreal-bound CPR passenger train at the Montclair Blvd. crossing in Hull.
Pierre Desrochers, of 80 Des Oliviers St., Hull, was thrown from his westbound car on impact into cement steps on a small railway bridge nearby. He was found 20 feet from his demolished car which had been carried 50 feet along the track.
Normal speeds
Police said the car and train were travelling at normal speeds, 30 and 40 miles per hour respectively, and that the safety lights at the crossing were working at the time of the accident, about 7.45 a.m. Sixteen feet of skid marks were left by the car on Montclair Blvd.
Driver of the train was Sam Thompson, 54, of 65 Melrose Ave., Ottawa.
Mr. Desroehers, a maintenance foreman for Dominion Printing Bureau, is survived by his wife Jeanne, 39, and three children.
Coroner Dr. Gerald Brisson said he does not expect an inquest will be held.

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