Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1891, May 23 - Derailment of Gatineau Valley official inspection train near Chelsea, no injuries.

Ottawa Citizen - 23 May 1891

The first tour of inspection of the Gatineau Valley Railway takes place this morning.  A special train will convey a party of officers of the company and guests over the road who will inspect the road as far as it has been built.  The train leaves the Union Depot at 8.30 this morning and will return in the evening.

Ottawa Free Press - 23 May 1891

The official inspection train containing directors and officials of the new Gatineau Valley railway and Ottawa press representatives ran off the track two miles north of Chelsea this forenoon owing to a break in the tender which was leading and a slight spread of the rails.  The wheels of the tender ploughed the soft sandy soil and bunched the ties for a number of yards but as the train was moving slowly no one was injured.  A large gang of men and an additional engine were summoned from Chelsea, and after two hours hard work the cars were back on the track again and taken back to Chelsea previous to proceeding to the Peche.  The engine and single first class car remained intact.

Ottawa Free Press 26 May 1891

Full account of the inspection.--while a messenger was sent back to Chelsea for number 2 engine.-- gang of men -- tender derailed -- and the train was drawn back to Chelsea.  The injured engine was there side tracked and after a short delay the party then proceeded on the tour of inspection--

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