Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1935, July 21 - Attempt to Derail a Train at Stitt(s)ville, CPR., Carleton Place sub. 

Ottawa Citizen 22 July, 1935

Gasoline speeder derailed by bolts

Stittsville, July 21. - what police believe may have been an attempt to wreck the Ottawa - Brockville C.P.R. train was discovered near here this morning. About half an hour before the train was due in Stittsville at 9.40 a.m., section Foreman Harry Foster and one of his assistants were derailed on a gasoline speeder by a number of sticks and bolts which had been deliberately placed across the tracks.

The men immediately returned to the village and telephoned the County Police. Constable Sidney Tucker responded. About five miles up the tracks from where the sticks and bolts were found, Constable Tucker picked up a juvenile.

He took him into custody upon the nominal charge of vagrancy. The youth denied all knowledge of the incident.

Ottawa Journal 22 July 1935

Thrown off track by an obstruction
Boy charged with placing spikes on right-of-way.

Alleged to have placed a number of spikes and bolts on the C.P.R tracks near Stittsville a 15-year-old Ottawa boy was arrested by Constable Sydney Tucker, of the Carlton County police, on Sunday morning on a charge of vagrancy. An investigation will be made and probably a more serious charge laid.

The obstructions on the tracks were discovered at 9:40 o'clock when Section Foreman Harry Foster and another section man, patrolling the line 2 miles west of Stittsville, in a gasoline motor car, were thrown off the track by the bolts and spikes. They were not hurt.

County Police was notified and Constable Tucker found the young boy walking along the track near Stittsville. He was arrested but denied all knowledge of the track obstructions.

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