Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1966, May 13 - Boy dies under train at Masson, CPR., Lachute sub.

From the Ottawa Citizen 14 May 1966

Boy dies under train at Masson.
MASSON (Special) A two-year-old boy was hit and killed by a train Friday, two miles west of here.
Jean Marie Descbenes, two years and four months, was hit by a Canadian Pacific Railway dayliner at 8.30 p.m.
It was on a scheduled run from Montreal to Ottawa, the run it completes four times a day.
 The boy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deschenes, of RR I, Masson, Que., and his four young sisters, live approximately 2,000 feet to the south of the railroad tracks near Highway 8.
At 8.10 p.m. Friday, Mr. Deschenes, a fanner, left the house and drove his tractor to the northern part of his farm, over the railroad tracks. Three of the girls followed the tractor while Jean Marie was left at home playing with Monique, 7, until she went into the house.
When she returned, Jean Marie had gone, having followed the farm trail to join his father and sisters.
The train engineer, William Cherry, 54, of 125 Bayswater Ave., Ottawa, saw the boy on the line and applied the emergency brakes.
The train came to a stop about 1,000 feet beyond the scene of the accident.
The Quebec Provincial Police officer investigating is Andre Vaillancourt of the Buckingham detachment.
Coroner Dr. Jean Lorrain of Ste. Rose, Que., who pronounced the boy dead, said no decision has been made on whether an inquest will be held.

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