Details of Railway Incidents in the Ottawa Area

 1897 September 23 - Record Size Excursion Train Enters Ottawa

Ottawa Journal  23 September 1897


The Largest Number That Ever Came to the Capital on One Excursion - They Came from Hawkesbury and Intermediate Points

The largest excursion that ever came into Ottawa was brought in by the C.A.R. this morning. There were 2,300 people on it.

It took twenty-five cars to carry the people and two engines to draw them. The train came in two sections, and when the people landed at the Central depot there was scarcely room to move. The platforms and tracks were crowded in all directions, and it was with much difficulty that any one could make progress in any direction.
From Hawkesbury.
The majority of the visitors moved towards the stairway leading to the street car tracks, the others took passage by boat to the Exhibition grounds. The. excursionists came in from Hawkesbury and intermediate stations between that point and Ottawa.
General Manager. J. Chamberlin, Mr. C. J. Smith J. Walsh, M. Donaldson. J. E. Duval and other officials of the C.A.R. were at the depot to witness the arrival of the train.
On this day last year the same excursion train brought in 1,750 passengers, or 800 less than this year.
A special train will leave the Central depot at 10.45 this evening to take those who desire to return.
To-morrow there will be a general cheap excursion over all the lines of the C.A.R. and O.,A. and P.S.

Ottawa 27 September 1897

A serious accident was narrowly averted at the O.,  A. and P. S. station on Saturday evening. As the train from Ottawa was pulling in to the station one of the passengers jumped from the train while it was going at a good rate of speed. He fell between the station platform and the train, but succeed in keeping hold of the car and escaped being dragged under the wheels. A somewhat similar occurrence took piace as the excursion train on the same line was pulling out of the station on Friday morning. In attempting to board the train a man slipped and fell under the train but fortunately was quickly pulled away from his dangerous position. Too much care cannot be taken in the getting on and off of trains, especially these crowded excursion trains.

Almonte Gazette 1 October 1897

Last Thursday the largest excursion that ever went into Ottawa was taken in by the C.A.R. There were 2,500 people on it. It took twenty-five cars and two engines to draw them.

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