Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1890, January 13 - Brockville and Westport trains hits a tree following a windstorm. No injuries

Athens Reporter 14 January 1890

Windstorm Hits B&W
The B&W suffered considerably from Monday’s wind storm.  On leaving Lyn for the west, the passenger train butted against a large tree which had fallen square across the track.  The snowplow attached to the engine was wrecked and the smokestack damaged, but the engine remained on the rails.  At Westport it was found that the engine house had toppled over so as to prevent the train from passing and it had to be hauled out of the way by the engine.  The windmills along the line of railway were all wrecked.  The one at this station (Athens) still stands, but every fan is broken.

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Updated 8 April 2019