Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1899, March 10 - An Ottawa and New York Railway Passenger Train breaks a driving wheel tire near Hawthorne.

Ottawa Journal 10 March 1899

An accident which caused much inconvenience to about fifty passengers occurred on the Ottawa and New York railway line about four miles out of the city, near Hawthorne at 8.05 this morning.  The train left Ottawa sharp on time at 7.50 o'clock, and while running at a fair rate of speed, one of the tires on a rear driving wheel of the engine broke in two.  The result was a great jarring and grinding before the engineer could stop the train, which went some distance before finally being brought to a halt.
Some of the passengers were considerably frightened, but no one was injured.  The conductor sent for a wrecking crew.  The conductor of the wrecked train had the coaches brought back to within two miles of the city and then placed on a siding and it is stated that he refused to bring the passengers back within the city limits.
Fifteen to twenty passengers walked back to the city, but there are still about thirty stalled on the siding.  To those who wished for it the conductor refunded tickets.
The incoming Ottawa and New York was also delayed.  Owing to the broken wheel the engine could only be moved a few feet at a time. Up to the time of going to press the track had not been cleared.  Conductor J.S. Bucklin had charge of the train.
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