Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1905, December 3 - Derailment at Iroquois,  no injuries.

Chesterville Record 7 December 1905

A wreck occurred on the GTR near Iroquois on Sunday just after 12 o'clock, in which nearly 20 cars were derailed and about half that number destroyed, some being smashed into kindling wood.  The accident happened just at the bottom of a grade, and the cars are piled up in every shape  and some are rolled out on to the field and he contents are scattered in all directions and will be a total loss.  The cause of the accident was a defective rail.  The wrecking trains and crews from both east and west were at the scene of the accident in about three hours and got the south track in shape for traffic in a few hours.  The north track was completely demolished for a distance of a quarter of a mile, rails and ties being smashed and new ones will have to be obtained to put in their place.  The scene of the wreck is being viewed by hundreds of people from that town and country.

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