Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1939, September 28 - Collision between freight train and gasoline car, Bells Corners, CNR., one fatality

Ottawa Journal 3 October 1939

Death of L. Rochon Termed Accidental
Accidental death with no blame attached to any person was the verdict of a coroner's jury enquiring into the death of Lucien Rochon, 29, of 89 Stewart street, killed on September 28 in a collision between a freight train and a gasoline car at Sullivan's cut. three miles northwest of Bell's Corners. Coroner Dr. J. S. Nelson presided at the inquest held at the Westboro town hall Monday evening.
Both the fireman and engineer of the freight train testified the collision was unavoidable as the train was upon the gasoline car before brakes could stop it. The section foreman in charge of the car said the train was a special and was not expected. The car carrying section hands home from work was travelling at three miles per hour as a precautionary measure.
Crown Attorney Raoul Mercier questioned the witnesses.

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