Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1918, July 12 - Man killed while jumping from train at Mountain, CPR, Winchester sub.

Winchester Press 18 July 1918

Very Sad Accident.
A very sad accident occurred on Friday afternoon last as the special train was coming down from Smith's Falls where a large number of orangeman from the section had gone to celebrate. Among those who went with Charles Clark, son of Mr. and mrs. E. B. Clark who reside in Mountain Township. He was accompanied by a younger brother. The home is between Mountain and instead of getting off at Mountain as his younger brother did, decided to jump off the train when it was opposite his home. This he did, and thus met his death. He must have struck on his head, as it was badly bruised. Someone on the train saw him jump, and fearing the worse informed the train hands and the train backed up from Inkerman station, but the younger brother who was walking down the track from Mountain found the unconscious form on the north track; and was there when the train backed up. The young man was taken to the station and removed to the local train going to Smith's Falls where he was taken to the hospital. He died the next day about noon, never having regained consciousness.
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