Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1931, June 3 - Woman killed by a train at Farm Point, CPR., Maniwaki sub.

Ottawa Journal 4 June 1931

Level crossing victim.

Fred Tindale, of 81 Smith Street, Orillia, an employe of the McNamara Construction Company, received critical injuries from which he died shortly afterwards when a truck he was driving was struck by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's local train no. 558 at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
The accident occurred at a railway crossing on Highway no. 17, five miles west of Renfrew. Tindale was returning from the company's operations at a gravel pit when the truck was hit by the train with terrific force. He was thrown 100 feet suffering a broken neck and severe body injuries. Rushed to Victoria Hospital he was attended by Drs. F. H. Murray and K. L. McKinnon, but died shortly afterwards.

Coroner Wade opened a preliminary inquest at McPhail's funeral parlours.

The body will be taken to Orillia for burial.

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