Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1949, September 27 - Canadian Pacific, Crossing Accident at Churchill Avenue, Carleton Place subdivision, no injuries

From the Ottawa Citizen 28 September 1949

Two Unhurt When Train Wrecks Car
Leaping to safety from their car scant seconds before it was struck by an Ottawa-bound pool train from Toronto, two young Carlsbad Springs women saved themselves from possible death cr serious injury at the Churchill Avenue railway crossing in West-boro about 10.45 o'clock last night.
While driving in their new English auto along Churchill Avenue, Beulah Dancey, 22. and Mrs. Jennie Vodden, 34, both of Carlsbad Springs, were returning to their homes.
When the car stalled on the track, the two women got out and tried to push the vehicle,- but were forced to jump back to save themselves as the train bore down on them. The small auto was carried several hundred feet in front of the train and was completely demolished.
Miss Dancey and Mrs. Vodden returned to their homes, none the worse for their narrow escape, except for a bad case of nerves.
The engineer, Clifford Broom of 138 Spruce Street, stopped the train and waited -ong enough to ascertain whether anyone had been injured and to see the tracks cleared before continuing into the Union Station.
The train was only half an hour late, arriving in Ottawa at 11:25 o'clock.
The accident was investigated by Constable Donald Gale of the Nepean Police Department.

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