Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1919, October 23  - Grand Trunk Passenger train derails at Rideau station Kingston subdivision.

Toronto Globe and Mail 24 October 1919

G.T.R. Train Derailed At Rideau Station
Going Fifty Miles An Hour, But No Car Overturned So Casualties Slight
(Canadian Press Despatch)
Kingston, Oct. 23.- No. 19, the westbound G.T.R. mail train, was derailed at 12.50 at Rideau Station, the first station east of Kingston Junction. The train, which does not stop there, was going at fifty miles an hour. The entire train, consisting of eleven cars, left the track, with the exception of the engine. The accident is thought to have been caused by a broken rail. None of the cars was overturned and as a consequence the casualty list is not serious.
Wm. Christie, Montreal, express messenger, was the only one sufficiently injured to be brought to hospital, with a broken rib, caused by a crate of automobile springs falling on him. Several persons were bruised or shaken up.
Two tracks were torn up for several yards, and two wrecking crews are busy clearing away the debris. A temporary track is being built around the wreck.

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