Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1967, March 27 - Armed police storm passenger train at Pembroke

Ottawa Citizen 28 March 1967

Suspect nabbed by armed police
Seventeen policemen armed with rifles and shotguns stormed a transcontinental CPR train as it pulled into Pembroke station Monday and arrested a Seattle man wanted on a second-degree murder charge.
Awaiting a decision an extradition procedures, Pembroke police are holding Clemon Blanchey, 32, in custody at county jail under $10,000 bond.
Blanchey is wanted in connection with a gunshot killing in Seattle Mar. 20.
The provincial and Pembroke policemen entered every car of the Ottawa-bound train at 5.10 p.m., less than two hours after receiving a Telex message from Kenora.
The message stated a man answering Blanchcy's description had been spotted in Dryden, near Port Arthur.
Describing the suspect as dangerous, the message said the suspect was believed to be carrying a gun,
Pembroke Police Chief Bert Dickie said the accused offered no resistance when found by police in the second car behind the engine.
A loaded .45-calibre snub-nosed revolver was found in the baggage rack just above his head and 35 rounds of ammunition in his luggage, the chief said.
Police were told to be on the lookout for Blanchey when Kenora OPP were notified that a man answering his description purchased a train ticket to Montreal in Dryden Sunday.
An abandoned 1957-model car bearing Washington State licence plates was found in Dryden.
When arrested. Blanchey gave his address as McLennan, Alta.
Seattle's chief criminal deputy Bill Kinzel said that so far as he knew Blanchey was an American citizen and lived in Seattle.
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