Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1932 May 7 - Crossing collison, Arnprior, CNR., Renfrew sub., three injuries, two horses killed

Ottawa Journal 9 May 1932

Two Men and Boy Injured in Crash
C.N.R. Electric Train Hits Team and Wagon near Arnprior.

Arnprior, May 8 - another level crossing accident occurred here Saturday evening at the C.N.R. crossing on Highway 17, about a mile east of town. A team of horses and wagon, owned by Peter Goodwin, of Arnprior, were proceeding towards the town when the evening local, due in Arnprior at 5.58 p.m., crashed into them.
William McCrea, who was driving, was thrown clear of the train, but sustained fractures of both arms, as well as cuts about the head, while Goodwin received injuries to his shoulder and his young son suffered from concussion, but is not seriously hurt.
Both horses were instantly killed and were dragged about 700 feet before the train was brought to a stop. The wagon was also badly smashed.
The train, which is an oil-electric express, according to some members of the train crew, narrowly escaped being de-railed, due to one of the horses becoming caught beneath the front trucks.
Goodwin claims he did not see or hear the train until it was within 10 feet of him and he had no chance whatever to avoid being hit.
Dr. Cranston attended the injured men and they were conveyed to their homes as soon as they had received medical aid.

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