Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1902, November 22 - Collision at Harrowsmith, Kingston and Pembroke Railway, no injuries

The Record, Chesterville 27 November 1902

Smash up on the Kingston and Pembroke Railway.
A disastrous collision took place on the Kingston and Pembroke Railway at Harrowsmith on Saturday morning.  The incoming mixed train, due Kingston at half past nine o'clock, and a gravel train met in collision almost in the yards at Harrowsmith.  Both engines were wrecked and the cars of both trains thrown from the track and badly damaged. No lives were lost as the engineers and firemen of both engines jumped and saved themselves.
A track was built around the wreck so as to provide passage for all trains until the wreckage would be cleared.  It is said that the gravel train was at fault in pulling out when it did, causing the smash up.

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