Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1990, December 30 - VIA train hits a washout on the Brockville sub. and remains on the rails

Branchline February 1991

Hits washout and remains on rails: Someone was watching over VIA Ottawa-Toronto Train 43 on December 30 when the train ran over a washout at mileage 10.8 of CP Rail's Brockville Subdivision without derailing.  Fortunately only minor injuries were reported on the train. After inspection, the 7-car train, with F40PH-2 6408 leading and sister 6423 trailing, was able to slowly proceed over the 17 miles to Brockville where passengers were held for several hours awaiting accommodation on another train. Their arrival in Toronto was some six hours late. During the next 24 hours, several Ottawa-Toronto trains operated via Coteau, Quebec, utilizing CN's Alexandria and Kingston subdivisions, while CP Rail crews brought in carloads of ballast. (Ray Farand and Bruce Chapman)

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Updated 10 August 2020