Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1921, April 30 - Derailment at mile 119.7 Beachburg subdivision, Canadian National.

A rock from the side of a gravel cut fell on the track and rolled under engine, cutting the ties and allowing the track to spread derailing engine tender, baggage car 8647 and leading truck of colonist car 2786.  The train was travelling about 25 mph when about 1600 feet east of mile 120 engine 5138 struck a stone 24x33 inches square which demolished the pilot and went under engine.  The engine ran into side of curve and down a 10 ft dump and turned on its side, tender going crosswise of track and leading truck of baggage car 8647 going nearly down a 25 foot embankment on north side. Occurred at 1.30 a.m.

The Track Foreman inspected the cut 8.15 previous day and did not consider there was any danger of rock becoming loose.  Roadmaster Ogden also passed this point at 9.00 a.m. on the previous date at which time there was no apparent danger of rock falling.  This is the first time that a large boulder had become dislodged in this cut.

An examination of the rock in the cut immediately after the accident plainly showed that a portion of rock became detatched from a large rock that was lodged near the top of the cut apparently caused by severe electric storms which occurred during the night of the accident. The crack in this rock took place approximately 12 inches under ground from slope of cut and could not be seen by ordinary inspection from track.

The Section Foreman was assessed thirty demerit marks.

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