Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1856, November 18 - GTR gravel train derails near Yonges Mills - two dead, one injured

Brockville Recorder 20 November 1856

On Tuesday morning the G.T.R gravel cars started from Lyn with a number of workmen.  Near Yonges Mills one of the wheels of a car broke, which caused the other cars to come into sudden contact with it.  Three or four of the men became frightened and jumped from the cars, but unfortunately rebounded from the embankment and fell backwards on the track, when one of the men named Joseph Bend, was instantly killed by one of the wheels crossing his forehead.  Another man, named Patrick Moore, had his leg cut off near the knee joint and died in half an hour after from loss of blood.  A third man received some injury, but on Dr. Edmondson arriving, who was specially sent for, the injury was found to be of a very slight nature.  The deceased were both residents of Brockville; Bond we believe was a native of England.

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