Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1900, December 10 - Soo Express derails at Haleys.

Ottawa Citizen 10 December 1900

"Soo" Express Runs into Haley's Station - Shantyman Hurt and One Car Damaged.

While the east bound "Soo" express was passing Haley station, seven miles above Renfrew at 2 o'clock this morning, the entire train of four cars left the track. The baggage car struck the end of the station house, partly demolishing it. Fortunately none of the cars, all of which were of heavy construction, were overturned, and the train crew .and passengers escaped serious injury. An unknown shantyman had his hand painfully cut by broken glass. The iniury was dressed by Dr. Murphy, of Renfrew, who was summoned to the scene by the railway officials. The cause of the accident is thought to have been a misplaced switch rod. The engine and tender passed over safely, but the baggage car left the rails followed by the second and first class cars and sleeper. The road, where the accident occurred, is examined twice daily, and after the accident the switch was found securely locked as usual.

Fortunately the accident happened in the railway yard and it was thus made possible to conduct through traffic on the adjoining track without delay. The train was in charge of Engineer Clendinnen and Conductor Nidd, both of Ottawa, and was running at reduced speed through the yard when the accident occurred. The train was not billed to stop at Haley's  Station and at that early hour there was no one in or about the building when it was struck  The passengers were transferred to a train made up for the purpose, and were conveyed to the city after a delay of about three hours. A wrecking crew was sent up from Ottawa and it is expected the coaches will all be replaced on the track today. Owing to their solid construction work, none of the cars with the exception of the baggage car, were seriously damaged.

Ottawa Journal 10 December 1900

As Accident to the Soo Train at Haley's Station Near Pembroke This Morning
Ths Soo train, Canadian Pacific Railway, due in Ottawa at 4.10 a. m. left ths track at Haley's station, six miles this side of Pembroke, smashing the baggage car and also doing considerable damage to the station house. Fortunately no one was hurt beyond one shantyman who scratched his hand in tumbling around the second-class car, when the baggage car struck the station.
This train does not stop at Haley's and was consequently going along at a good rate. The engine pasesd over the switch all right but the baggage car took the siding and left the track a few yards from ths switch; taking the rest of the train with it.  A few feet from the switch the platform begins and the baggage car truck switched into this, throwing the body of the car across the four foot platform up against the station, carrying that building almost to entire destruction. Forttunately there is no night operator on duty here, so that no ons was injured.
When the baggage car left its trucks the second-clsas car stopped up short, throwing the passengers about ths car rather unceremoniously, but they all escaped witnout serious injury.

The accident is supposed to be due to a broken switch rod.

All passengers, with the exception of those in the Pullman, were transferred to another train, made up at Pembroke and sent on to Ottawa, arriving here at 7:45.

The Record Chesterville 13 December 1900

Ottawa Dec. 15?  The Soo train going east jumped the track at Haley station six miles this side of Pembroke at 2 a.m. today, and tore down the station.  The baggage car ran up against the station house.  No one was injured, and only a shantyman on the train was slightly shaken, though the train was running about 40 miles an hour.

Merrickville Star 13 December 1900

C.P.R. Express Jumps the Track
The east-bound Soo train on the C.P.R. jumped the track at Haley's station, near Renfrew, about 2 o'clock Monday morning. There was no loss of life and comparativly! little damage to the train. The baggage car next to the engine was the first to leave the track and following it went the three coaches at the rear. The former smashed into the station building, damaging it to some extent, but remaining intact itself. The coaches were not upset, and the passengers, although shaken up, escaped  injury.
It was fortunate that the roadbed is level at that point; otherwise the result would doubtless have been more serious. Besides this, when the baggage car was detached from the engine the brakes on it and on the succeeding coaches came into play automatically, with telling effect.  As a consequence they were at a standstill  when about twenty-five yards were covered. An investigation will be held to enquire into the cause.

Ottawa Journal Dec 10.  A fuller, but essentialy similar, account

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