Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1900, November 3 - Passenger train collides with a light engine at Carleton Place, no injuries

Almonte Gazette 9 November 1900

An Ottawa Free Press special from Carleton Place says an accident on the C.P.R. occurred at Carleton Place early on Saturday morning. When the early train was pulling in from the west a head-on collision occurred with a shunting engine which was standing at the turn and the express train. The express train was in charge of engineer Harry Clendenning, of Ottawa, who along with his fireman escaped unhurt. Both engines were badly smashed and how the men in the cabins escaped is a miracle. The accident is attributed to wrong signals, the shunter being standing on the main track at the time. Passengers on the express train received a severe shaking up, but were much relieved when it was made known that nothing serious had happened.

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