Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1918, May 11 - 12 cars derailed on a freight train at South Indian, GTR Alexandria subdivision

Ottawa Journal Monday 13 May 1918

Following closely upon a derailment of several freight cars at Alexandria, early In the week, the G.T.R. Montreal line was the scene of another mishap on Saturday afternoon, when twelve cars loaded with wheat, were derailed near South Indian.
No one was injured, but the cars were badly broken up. Passengers on the afternoon train from here to Montreal were compelled to walk from the point at which it was held up to another train on the other side of the scene of the derailment, and traffic was held up for some time. The line is now clear.
Grand Trunk officials scout the rumor that the two derailments in quick succession are due to the work of enemy agents. Although they occurred on the same line, they attribute them to natural causes and it is stated that no investigation other than the customary one in such cases is in progress. A broken axle is assigned as the cause of the accident.

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