Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1953 March 10 - Child walks into train at Hinchey Avenue, CPR Carleton place sub., serious injury

From the Ottawa Citizen Wednesday 11 March 1953

Child walks into train; badly hurt.
A young Ottawa boy who apparently walked into the side of a slow-moving passenger train in the West End yesterday afternoon is in serious condition at the Civic Hospital.
He is Dennis Ouellette, eight-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Emille Ouelette of 191 Forward Avenue.
He suffered a fractured skull and a fractured left arm.
The accident happened at the Hinchey Avenue CPR crossing parallel to Scott Street, about 5 p.m.
Mrs. Yvette Trottier of 208 Hinchey Avenue, a witness to the accident, told police the lad was walking with his head down and walked into the left side of the train.
The train crew corroborated Mrs. Trottier's story of the mishap.  They told police they blew their whistle and rang their bell before they reached the Hinchey Avenue crossing.
The engineer was Fred Moffitt of 301 James Street.  Other train crew members were Fireman George Frankland of 88 Rosemount Avenue and Conductor Edward Watson of 194 Breezehill Avenue.
A passerby, Bernard St. Laurent, 20, of 192 Hinchey Avenue, notified police.
The boy was rushed to the hospital in the Fire Department emergency car manned by Bert Standing and Leo Dallaire.
Constables Wilmott Glenn and William Saubders investigated.

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