Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1928, April 29  - Canadian Pacific - Bolingbroke

Ottawa Citizen, April 30 1928
Smiths Falls.  Engineers Body Only recovered, 2 are missing
Believed fireman and brakeman of C.P.R. freight are killed when a fall of rock causes derailment.
Though three men are believed to have been killed when the engine and a number of cars of a Canadian Pacific Railway freight train were derailed in a rock cut 30 miles west of here last night, so far only the body of Engineer M.M. Caterine has been recovered from the wreckage.  Brakeman D.R. Wood, who with the engineer was from Smiths Falls, and Fireman M. MacKenzie, of Havelock are missing.
The derailment was caused by a fall of rock from about 30 feet up on the north side of the cutting according to the railway officials.
Fourteen cars altogether left the rails.
Caterine was 40 years of age, MacKenzie 26 years old and Woods 33 years old.  Mrs. Caterine, mother of the engineer, is in critical condition following the shock of her son's death.
The body of Caterine when recovered was severely burned by the steam from the boiler, which had burst.  The engine throttle was shoved in, indicating he had seen the danger and had ineffectually tried to stop the engine.
The rock which fell and caused the accident is thought to have been loosened by spring freshets.  A huge pile of rock had blocked the track of the locomotive.,6021026&dq=railway&hl=en

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