Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1938, July 22 - Boys' Foolish Act Stops Train, Woodroffe Avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub.

Ottawa Citizen 23 July 1938

Boys' Foolish Act Stops C.P.R. Train
Two boys,aged 14 and nine years respectively, who brought the Toronto pool train to a screeching stop on the C.P.R. line at Woodroffe crossing , Friday afternoon by seeing how long they could stand on the crossing, have been severely reprimanded for their thoughtless act. The incident has been reported to C.P.R. headquarters in Montreal and lt is unlikely that a charge will be laid against the boys.
While riding their bicycles along the highway the boys apparently decided to see whether or not they could out-dare the engineer of the approaching train. They parked on the crossing with their bicycles and waited. Engineer M.J. Hussey. however, was taking no chances of injuring the boys and drew his train to a stop after warning blast of his whistle failed to daunt them

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