Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1914, February 17 - Passenger train derailed by a broken rail at Mountain, CPR Winchester sub.  Engineer killed.

Derailment mileage 94 Smiths Falls subdivision. Accident was caused by a broken rail which was shattered into a dozen or twenty pieces, showing that it was a heavy blow, or impact from the wheel of an engine.  This extreme cold weather in the last twenty days has in a good many cases been responsible for accidents. The constant cold makes the rails very brittle and any slight heaving of the track may leave a space under the rails which is hard to detect and a blow coming on that fractures it.  Engine 2227, second class 1978, first class 1096, Diner "St. James", Sleeper "Kiminive", Parlour car "Maitland" all derailed.

There is a picture on the file showing the engine on its side.  "The only passenger in the cars hurt was Mr. E. Bowles of New York.  The engine turned a complete somersault.  Robert Grant, of Montreal, the engineer, was found dead with his hand on the throttle.

There is a report in the Chesterville Record 19 February 1914.  Also Ottawa Journal for 18 February, 1914.
The Late Robert Grant (from Rideau Record)
There is very general regret in town because of the death of engineer Robert Grant who was killed in the C.P.R. wreck near Mountain on Tuesday. He lived here for many years and was known as the jolly good-natured Scotchman. He had been 34 years with the C.P.R. and would have retired soon on a pension. A year or two ago he moved to Montreal and to his house there his body taken but will be brought to Smiths Falls on the afternoon train for burial. Mrs. Grant and family have the deepest sympathy of their friends here.

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