Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1926, May 11 - Girl killed at a crossing at Iroquois, CNR., Kingston sub.

Morrisburg Leader 14 May 1926

Girl Killed By Fast Train
Miss Lillian Stephenson, aged 18, was struck and killed on May 11th by the International Limited, going west at the Wilson Crossing, Iroquois. Miss Stephenson, with her cousin, Miss Ethel Perria, and Mrs Maude Hutt, all employed in the Caldwell Linen Mills, Lts., was going home to dinner. A freight train at the crossing delayed them and prevented them hearing the whistle of the west bound  train. Stepping on the track immediately the freight train had passed, Miss Stephenson started across. The others had time to see the onrushing train and stop. Miss Stephenson was the only surviving daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stephenson of Domville. She had lived in Iroquois for two or three years. Dr. E.H. Marcellus, Coroner, ordered an inquest.

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