Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1967,  February 2 - A CNR freight train hits a double oil tanker truck at Woodroffe Avenue, Beachburg subdivision.

From the Ottawa Citizen 17 February 1967.

Oil tanker blazes in railway crash.
One man was injured in a flaming crash between an oil tanker and a train on Woodroffe Avenue at 10.09 a.m. today.
The man, Ken Bigalow, 28, of 2172 Regency Terrace was the driver of a double-tanker oil truck which apparently stopped on the railway tracks south of City View.
He is in Civic Hospital in fair condition.
The train hit the truck in the middle of the first tanker section, and the tanker burst into flames as it was dragged down the track.
Flames covered the train engine and burned the front out of a wooden car immediately behind.
The smashed cab of the truck rolled into the ditch on the north side of the track and the flaming tank flew into the south ditch.
Ken Trudeau, a plumber with Smith and Brown Ltd., who arrived on the scene moments after the collision said the driver in the crushed cab was inconscious.  However he came to in about five minutes and was able to help rescuers get him out.
Firemen were called to put out the burning tanker.
Ivan Lawrence, head end trainman on the CNR freight bound for Barrys Bay said the train crew had only a few seconds when they saw the truck coming onto the track.
"We ducked, and there were flames all around us," he said.
Traffic was held up for about an hour and a half by the accident.
A new engine had to be brought to remove the train which was taken back to Walkley Yards.

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