Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1939, September 20 - Man falls off Gatineau train.

Ottawa Journal 21 September 1939

Seriously Hurt Falls Off Train
Eugene Labrosse, of Maniwakl, suffered serious head injuries shortly after 3.30 Wednesday afternoon when a sudden lurch of the northbound Gatineau train on which he was a passenger, threw him from the platform.
The brakeman saw the man fall and signalled the engineer to stop the train which, at the time, was just north of Burnett's Station, a few miles south of Wakefield.
The men was taken aboard the train and conveyed to the offices of Dr. H. Oeggie, in Wakefield. Dr. H. Geggie administered first aid and ordered him to hospital. He was brought to Sacred Heart Hospital, Hull, and placed under the care of Dr. Gerald Brisson. Dr. Brisson said he put 25 sutures in Labrosse's scalp.
Labrosse was considerably improved this morning, and while reports of an X-ray txsmlnstion were being awaited. Dr. Brisson did not believe the injured men's skull had been fractured.

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