Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1916, August 29 - Head on collision at Apple Hill, Canadian Pacific Winchester subdivision.  1 killed.

Eastern Ontario Review 1 September 1916

Accident at Apple Hill
A through freight train ran into the way freight on the Main C.P.R. line at Apple Hill on Wednesday during a heavy fog. It is reported that three persons were killed and both trains badly wrecked. An engineer, fireman and a clerk on one of the trains are reported missing.

Chesterville Record  7 September 1916

Apple Hill station was the scene of a disastrous wreck Wednesday night about 9 o'clock. In a dense fog a big east bound freight thundered down the grade at Apple Hill and crashed into the way freight that was standing on the track. The impact was terrible and caused a fearful wreck.  Cars of freight were thrown in all directions and in a few minutes the wreckage ws in flames.  Ten cars with their contents were burnt up and James Mahoney, Montreal, a store man was burned to death in the wreck of the caboose.  The station hoise was also destroyed by the fire.  The tracks were badly damaged and all traffic was diverted by Ottawa.  Engineer Wm. Burkett and Conductor P.J. Higginson were in charge of the freight.

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