Details of Railway Incidents in the Ottawa Area

1893, October 6 - Train runs into the turntable pit at Renfrew, CPR. Chalk River sub.

Renfrew Mercury 13 October 1893

On Friday last the K. & P.R. express train did not leave Renfrew for Kingston owing to a smash at the turntable near the roundhouse.  There was an engineer on the K. & P. locomotive who had not been at the Renfrew end of the line very often this summer, and he was not fully posted on the details of the arrangements by which the Atlantic and Northwestern trains use the K. & P. track and turntable at this point.  Consequently, to get his own engine out, he turned a switch from the main line to the turntable siding.
The A. & N.W. train, fresh in from Eganville, came backing down the track as usual and before the hands realized the situation their train was on the turntable instead of the main line.  The first coach dropped into the turntable pit and wrought considerable havoc - driving the table a foot off centre, and smashing the upright timbers.
The K. & P. engine could not get on to the track and its train was cancelled.  The C.P.R. sent a wrecking car to the spot and Mr. Folger came out from Kingston.  It was well on in the night when the damage was repaired. By the "rule of the road" the A. & N.W. (C.P.R.) is at the expense of the trouble.  One of the A. & N.W. men has been suspended.
Also in the Ottawa Journal 19 October 1893.

Almonte Gazette 20 October 1893

At Renfrew a few days ago, owing to someone having blundered, the A. & N. train ran on to the turntable instead of on to the main line. The first coach ran into the turntable pit and did considerable injury to the turntable.

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