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1892, February 26 - Seizure of Gatineau Valley Railway Train

Ottawa Citizen 27 February 1892

Sensational Incident on the Gatineau Valley Railway.

Quite a sensation was caused at the C.P.R. yard yesterday morning over the seizure of the train of the Gatineau Valley Railway Company, which consisted of a first class passenger coach, one second class and a mail and baggage car. The seizure was made by Deputy Sheriff McLaughlin, under an execution issued in the name of Mr. Jas. A. Patterson for the sum of $1,600.
The cars were on a side track in the yard when the deputy sheriff arrived on the scene. After taking possession of the cars he informed the C.P.R. officials of the seizure, and notified them that they were not to be taken out of the yard.
The officials of the railway were in a predicament about five o'clock, as at twenty minutes later the train was to leave. The C.P.R. Co. came to their aid, however, and lent the company three cars, so that the train left on time with the usual number of passengers.
It is said that the cars will be released today.

Ottawa Journal 27 February 1892

A passenger train seized
Yesterday deputy Sheriff McLachlin seized in the C.P.R. yard one first class passenger coach, one second class coach and a baggage car, the property of the Gatineau Valley Railway company.
The seizure was made under an execution issued by a court in Toronto in the name of Jas. A. Patterson, for the sum of $1,600.  The Deputy Sheriff placed a man in charge and the cars are yet standing on a side track awaiting a settlement of the claim.
The Gatineau Valley company at once applied to the C.P.R. for cars sufficient for their passenger service until matters were adjusted, and the C.P.R. complied with the request.  The Gatineau Valley service was continued today just the same as if nothing had happened.
The Gatineau Valley R.R. Co. explain that Patterson's claim is a disputed one that has been hanging fire for seven or eight years.  It was made against the old company in connection with the engineering.  When the present company took over the road, it paid the claims against the old company with the exception of two or three disputed items, of which Patterson's was one.

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