Details of Railway Accidents in the Ottawa Area

1930, December 3 - Crossing collision Hinchey avenue, CPR., Carleton Place sub., no injuries

Ottawa Citizen 3 December 1930

Auto Driver Escapes As Train Completely Demolished Truck
Oscar Villeneuve Crawled Out as if from under Pile of Wood After Collision at Ilinchey Avenue Crossing of C.P.R. Truck Had Io Chains.
Oscar Villeneuve , 205 Hinchey avenue, had a miraculous escape at 10.30 o'clock this morning when the truck he was driving was hit by the C.P.R eastbound train from Pembroke at the Hinchey avenue crossing. Villeneuve crawled from the wreckage of his car unaided, as if coming from under a pile of wood, and it was later found that he had suffered only minor shoulder injuries.
The accident occurred when Vllleneuve heard the train whistle for the Hinchey avenue crossing and In the endeavor to apply his brakes, skidded the car, which was without chains, right in front of the approaching train. The front end of the truck was hit by the engine, throwing the truck around so that it was again struck on the side by one of the cars of the train. The latter collision capsized the truck and completely demolished it.
Constable Lloyd, whoiInvestigated the accident, stated that Mr. Villeneuve's escape was little short of a miracle Mr. Villeneuve  was taken to his home, as his injuries were not serious enough to warrant hospital treatment.

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